Sign up for Yoga for Back Pain, an easy, gentle and effective program to strengthen and stretch your back and manage back pain.

If you have chronic back pain, you've probably heard of yoga. Yoga is a holistic practice that combines gentle movement with breathing and meditation strengthen and relax the body and mind, leaving you more comfortable, more stable and at ease.

Many health professionals now encourage their patients to try holistic therapies like yoga before considering risky and costly surgical options. Yoga is low-risk, and a short, effective routine can easily be incorporated into your daily schedule.

If you've been thinking about starting yoga, this course will teach you the basics for a gentle, effective yoga routine that you can do in your home, without any special equipment or expensive props. And if you already know some yoga but have some back pain, this class will teach you specific movements, modifications and techniques to manage and relieve your back pain.

I know yoga works, because I use it myself

I have had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder, as well as my low back and hip. Doing a gentle, daily yoga practice designed for my needs keeps me pain free. It's amazing to me that slow, simple, quiet movement and conscious breathing can be so potent. And on top of being pain free, I get all the other benefits of regular yoga practice, like better sleep and digestion, more energy, and a calm, quiet mind.

You have your own challenges, and they might be similar to mine, or completely different.

The best thing about yoga is that it’s adaptable, and it can help you. Every movement, breath, and meditation instruction can be modified to fit your circumstances. And this class is all about learning an individualized version of yoga techniques that will help you the most.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Yoga for Back Pain class:

Four 60-minute Yoga Classes

  • Classes will meet 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm on Thursday evenings, April 19 to May 10, at Aldersgate United Methodist Church.
  • In each class, I will teach you gentle yoga poses, breathing and meditation, for a doable daily routine.
  • All levels of fitness, from those who can touch their toes to those who must stay in a chair, can participate fully with modifications that bring yoga within their capacity.
  • All levels of experience, from absolute beginners to seasoned yoga teachers, can attend and will learn something valuable.
  • Throughout class, I will give you feedback and work with you to find appropriate modifications for poses so that the practice works to meet your individual needs.
  • Each week, we will add some more yoga poses and learn a new breathing practice, so you will have a full collection of yoga tools you can use to keep your back healthy, strong and flexible.
  • All equipment will be provided--you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you have one.

Yoga practice recordings

  • Each week, I will send an audio and video recording of a yoga routine based on the poses you learned in class.
  • The recordings are yours to keep so that you can do yoga along with the recording at any time or place that works for you, with no special equipment.
  • The recordings will be 10-15 minutes long, and will be a sustainable, daily yoga practice that includes yoga poses and a relaxing breathing and meditation practice. I know you are busy, and I won't waste your time. The yoga routines are short, effective and easy.

Yoga for Back Pain eBook

  • On the first day of class, I will send you the Yoga for Back Pain eBook.
  • The eBook is full of pictures, instructions and helpful notes about the yoga poses you will learn.
  • The eBook also includes links to additional yoga routines that may be helpful as your yoga practice becomes more advanced.

Sign up now! Class size is limited.

The four week class, recordings and eBook are $80. I accept payment with credit or debit card online, or you may contact me to inquire about check/cash payment. Full payment must be received to hold your spot in class.

Sign up now to save your spot. Class size is limited so that I can see and interact with each student as needed.

After you sign up, I will send you a thank you email and invoice for class, as well as a request to complete a brief questionnaire about your back pain so I can better understand your needs before class begins.

You can sign up with the form below. If you have any questions about this class, private lessons or other yoga classes that I teach, please contact me at or (812) 250-9642.

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