Yoga & Meditation Class

Yoga & Meditation Class

from 20.00

This class is all about getting to a state of balance, or equanimity. We do gentle movements, with lots of adaptations personalized to each student, focused breathing and meditation to arrive at a quiet, peaceful state. Each class has its own function, and everything we do in class is selected to support that function. Generally, I teach classes geared toward relaxation, quieting the mind, and relieving aches and pains that students have. We also cover specific interests, like improving balance, strengthening/stretching certain areas, etc.

In addition to these general goals, I'd like to work on improving balance, concentration and hip, leg and back strength and flexibility in my classes this fall. We will work toward postures like Tree Pose, Warrior III, Downward Dog, Janu Sirsasana and Paschimotanasana. And breathing and meditation practices will steady the mind.

Students are welcome to sign up and attend with no prior experience. All are welcome.

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