Restorative Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga Class


Restorative Yoga uses cushions, blankets, blocks and straps to bring the benefits of yoga poses to you while you relax and rest. This class begins with some gentle movement and breathing, then eases into static poses and relaxing meditation/visualization. Soothing music and candlelight completes the mood.

If you need a break from life, the world, or anything that troubles you, I recommend this gentle, slow-moving class. It's remarkable what complete relaxation does to ease pain, fatigue and stress. The beauty of restorative yoga is that it asks almost nothing from you. Just a willingness to close your eyes, breathe and begin to rest. All are welcome--any experience level, and any level of fitness can benefit from this practice.

This is a special class that requires lots of equipment, and I will need to know at least a week in advance if you will be attending, so I can procure enough bolsters, blankets and blocks for the group. Sign up here by August 29 if you plan to attend. Contact me at or (812) 250-9642 if you have questions.

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