I work with students one-on-one to develop personalized therapeutic yoga practices they can do at home to relieve pain, stress, anxiety or other discomforts.

First, we meet in an Initial Consultation, during which you'll complete an intake form, and we will discuss your health, lifestyle, goals and concerns. I will guide you through some simple movements and breathing exercises to observe your physical health. We will discuss what movements feel good and what might aggravate your condition.

Once I have an understanding of your needs and current circumstances, I will develop and guide you through a yoga practice personalized to you, revising the practice depending on your response. The yoga practice will likely include movement, breathing, and may also include a meditation.

The yoga practice is carefully designed to work for you, taking into account your goals, desires, lifestyle, age, health, current strength and flexibility, experience with yoga, the amount of time you have for yoga, and other factors.

You will receive a written copy of the yoga practice to refer to at home. I will encourage you to practice every day, as consistent practice is critical to the process of healing and development in yoga.

Once you have done the yoga practice regularly for a week or two, we will meet again for a follow-up appointment. At your follow-up lesson, I will observe your practice, answer questions, discuss how it is working for you, and make any adjustments that improve your practice and magnify its effects.

After that, we will meet on a regular basis as needed to check-in and continue to develop your practice. From time to time, you will be ready for a new practice.

The initial consultation is typically 90 minutes long, and follow up lessons are typically 60 minutes long.


$60 per hour

To schedule your initial consultation, complete the appointment form, or contact me by phone at (812) 250-9642 or email zoe.sipes@gmail.com.


Schedule Your Lesson

New students, please schedule the 90-minute Initial Consultation. If the availability listed doesn’t work for you, please contact me at (812) 250-9642, and we will find another day/time that works with your schedule.