Class Recordings: Beginning Yoga, March 2018

Here are the recordings for the six-week Beginning Yoga course I am teaching March through April 2018.

I hope these recordings support your developing yoga practice. This sequence of classes is a wonderful start for complete beginners, and they also offer a gentle option for more advanced students to deepen their practice in the basics.

Class 1 - Feeling the breath, forward bending poses to relax the back and hips

Class 2 - More forward bending poses, with a focus on strengthening legs and back

Class 3 - Backward bending poses, focusing on strengthening the upper back and arms

Class 4 - Twisting poses, with a strengthening, stretching and cleansing effect

Class 5 - Balance practice and side-lengthening postures for stability, space and focus.

Class 6 - More balance practice, and emphasis on personal experience in the practice


You can find these recordings and many other video and audio practices and tutorials on my Patreon page. I hope you find them useful!

I am planning to offer Beginning Yoga again soon--please contact me for the next start dates.