Yoga Sutra Chat

I am leading an informal online Yogasūtra Chat on Friday mornings. Each week, I post a short video introducing the yoga sutras by chanting them and giving a brief translation and explanation. Here are links to the videos--you will also find links to the handouts in the video description. (The first two videos were created on Facebook. I am looking into downloading or re-recording them to post on Youtube).

Samādhipādaḥ (Chapter One)

The first chapter of Patanjali's Yogasūtra introduces the topic of yoga, defining elements of practice, the activities of the mind, and the result of practice.

Sutra 1 - 4: What is yoga? And what is the result of practice?

Sutra 5 - 11: What are the activities of the mind?

Sutra 12 - 16: What does yoga practice consist of?

Sutra 17 - 22: How does yoga practice lead to self-realization?

Videos and handouts will be added here each week right after class. You can comment on the video itself, or join us on Patreon for discussion (I post these videos to the Patron-only feed). I hope you enjoy this resource and find it useful in your studies!

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