Class Recordings: Beginning Yoga, January 2018

Here are recordings from the 6-week Beginning Yoga class I taught in January and February 2018.

If you were a student in the class, I hope you find these recordings helpful to remember and practice techniques between classes. If you weren't able to come to class this time around, you are welcome to use these recordings for your own practice at home. I hope you find these recordings supportive and informative.

Class 1 - Focus on smooth breathing and poses that stretch the back of the body

Class 2 - Focus on breathing and backward-bending poses that lengthen the front of the body and strengthen the back

Class 3 - Introduction of Side-bending postures and furthering exhale lengthening and meditation practice

Class 4 - Twisting Postures and introducing a pause after exhale and sitting meditation

Class 5 - Downward Facing Dog pose*

Class 6 - Some balance challenges and a quieting, focusing breath and meditation practice to close our series

The links will take to the files on my Patreon page, where you'll find many more class recordings, videos and other resources. Enjoy!

I hope you find these recordings useful. You can learn more about the next Beginning Yoga series here, or email me if you'd like to inquire about the class.

*I forgot to record the Beginner class on February 8, so I taught similar content to next week's 5pm Thursday class to share here