Easy, Relaxing Yoga Practice

I have a lovely, short, easy yoga practice for you.

It's perfect for beginning, never-done-yoga-before newbies.

It's even good for I-can-do-everything yoga pros.

One of the things that surprised me when I started doing a home practice that was designed for me by another teacher (when I began studying in the viniyoga tradition) was that doing "easy" stuff actually worked.

I thought that the quickest way to get to my goals was to do the most challenging stuff possible.

But regularly stressing my body wasn't working very well. It definitely wasn't helping me feel more comfortable or strong or physically balanced. It was wearing me down.

My teacher gave me a practice that I thought was way too easy to actually do anything. But after doing it for a few days, I noticed I felt better. I was less stressed, my neck felt better and my breathing was so much smoother. I also had more energy and felt more patient and easygoing.

Things don't have to be hard to work. And it turns out, if you work well within your capacity (think 80%) you actually progress faster.

But don't just take my word for it. Do this simple practice once a day for a few days. If you like it, come to class or get a private lesson so you can have something designed just for you.