Gentle Morning and Evening Yoga Routine

The most important ingredient to a successful yoga practice is, well, the practicing part. More specifically, practicing on a regular (daily) basis.

It's hard to do something every day, especially if it's new. So I always try to give new yoga students something very small, and very doable to get started.

Yes, on days when you have lots of energy and enthusiasm and things are going great, the short, gentle yoga practice may seem "too easy." But easy still works. And on days that aren't going so well, when everything is hard, you'll have a nice, comfortable, undemanding practice to give you a boost.

So, if you are beginning yoga for the first time, or looking to start a more regular practice, here are a couple of short options for you to use each day. Once you have learned the routine by heart, I encourage you to practice without the recording, so you can go at your own pace.

To start, decide whether yoga practice fits better in the morning or evening for you, then stick with that practice every day for a week. Although you'll probably feel a little more relaxed and centered right away, it takes about a week to start seeing a real difference. (Yoga Teacher Sri Krishnamacharya reportedly told students they had to do their practice every day, without fail, for 90 days to know whether it was working.)

* These recordings are from a 30-Day Yoga Challenge I led in September 2016. They are designed for yoga newbies and students who want to get back to basics, and require no special equipment and very little space.